What Remote Year says is true.

I’m officially in a time warp. It’s been 14 days and it feels like I’ve been here, living in Mexico City, with 78 other Remotes for.. what feels like 414 days.

The last week consisted of visiting the Chapultepec Castle, sweating in yoga, practicing Shaman rituals, watching Chef’s Table on a rooftop, super fake Mexican wrestling and hot air ballooning over pyramids. Oh, I worked a bit too.

As part of my sustaining city life track, Carlos, a local shaman and his wife, paid us a visit to our co-working space. They study hundreds of plants used for healing. We received a talk on the powers of these plants for healing physical ailments and their spiritual powers.

Since our arrival, a lot has been going on.

It’s easy to go out. It’s a chance to meet new people. There’s always something going on. But how do you pick what to do?!

You don’t always have to pick, you can create. I organized a Chef’s Table viewing on the rooftop of our co-working space, Publico. The entire Meraki tribe shares an official calendar, and an unofficial calendar.

The official calendar is for the Remote Year staff to organize events for us.
The unofficial calendar is for anyone to create an event. Remotes can see what’s going on, and join if they like, but no pressure.

This month a group of us are going to Pujol, a restaurant rated #16 in the world. It also happens to featured on Season 2 of Chef’s Table.

Do you love food?
Appreciate cinematography?
Love feeling your heart pump with masterful story telling?

Then watch the Pujol episode on Netflix.

With the help of our program leaders, I was equipped with a projector and a white sheet for the rooftop wall.

I filled up my biggest travel bag with pillows and blankets from the apartment.
Remotes brought wine.
I lit candles and incense.


Once the sunset, we gathered around the night’s camp fire..

After the viewing, yup you guessed it.. I took some photos.

The following were taken from the rooftop of our co-working space.


Stay tuned for a hot air balloon ride over pyramids..

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