It’s hard to believe..

We’ve all been so busy meeting one another, planning future excursions, exploring, balancing work, learning about the city, and trying to fit in some sleep. The last track event of this month for the Sustaining City Life group consisted of hiking El Tepozteco, in the town of Tepoztlan. A steep trail lead to the Aztec Tepozteco pyramid, on a clifftop above the town.

Alllmost there.

When the frame is darkened, and you find a stunning mystical landscape.

No roommates were harmed in the making of this photo..

What’s better than hiking a mountain? You guessed it, hiking a mountain and doing yoga at the top. This was yet another amazing track provided by Remote Year.

A little fire and ash to start off yoga.

Here are our butts..

A few of us snagged a rooftop and Micheladas after the hike and group lunch. A Michelada is a Mexican cerveza (beer), lime juice, and assorted sauces, spices, and peppers. It is served in a chilled, salt-rimmed glass.

This photo, taken from the roof, represents the raw part of Mexico. Poor, yet always colorful.

Our first Meraki Junction.

The Junction is a monthly opportunity to join local professionals, as well as fellow Merakis to share knowledge, ideas, and stories. Our first Junction featured our own Meraki and some local inspirational entrepreneurs.

It’s been a quick, and massive month here in Mexico City.

Drawing with light.

Continuing from last week, we went out seeking more long exposure shots. This was my submission into a long exposure photo contest.

Our big farewell event.

Last week, on our impact mission, we spent time in the Xochimilco region, helping on the canals. This week the entire Meraki tribe went back to the canals for our big farewell event. Let’s just say we danced, laughed, and jumped between boats on the river.

Oh and my SLR got wet.. There may lack of photos for the next week. More on that later.

Just doing a little magic for the big event on the canals. Last photo taken.

Mexico City Highlights

Our group pulled together footage from our entire first month, and I created this video in tribute to Mexico City.

See you in Bogota!

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