It’s been one week since landing in Mexico City.


I share a two bedroom apartment with you’ll never guess it.. A girl that went to the same High School as me. These are crazy odds. Out of anyone in the world, joining the group of 79 in Mexico City, and we’re roommates. Both of us had requested to live alone, but once we met, we knew we had to live together.

The apartment is fully furnished and just an 8 minute walk from our co-working space. It’s centrally located between most of the other Remotes apartments.

Parque Espana is just a few minute walk from our front door. There are lots of dogs here. These are the most well behaved, love seeking dogs I’ve ever seen. The dog trainers here are clearly running some magic.

Remote Year has put together local experience tracks in every city.

Two locals that live in the city, organize cultural events for the Remotes. I opted for Sustaining City Life. Through out the month, we learn about a local business, do yoga, check out a sweat lodge, go on a steep hike, and visit a chaman.

The Why: As the fifth most populous city in the world, Mexico City is the largest metropolitan area you’ll visit in Remote Year. Staying balanced in such a massive urban span can be difficult.

The Impact: Find inspiration and balance this month through a few different avenues; some you’ve seen before, some that are rooted in Mexican tradition, some in create ideas, and some that are juts downright beautiful.

On our 4th day, a group of us headed to Los Loosers. The first Vegan option in Mexico City and the first and only Vegan bike delivery restaurant.

Marianna, the owner shared her story. Originally a journalist, worked in adversing, and loves biking. She’s vegan and felt like she was going against the status quo.

With no savings, she quit he job and started to link her love for Vegan food with her interest in biking. With no outside investment, she took on all financial responsibility herself with the help of her family. She’s really just winging it. No business plan. Los Loosers (two o’s for the bike wheels) is simply providing something valuable and healthy. They are growing. Marianna says it’s scary, but it’s a good challenge. In the beginning, they even delivered 6 hours outside the city, on BIKE!

Her friends complained about her being different and called her a loser. (Clearly not true friends..) Marianna finally said, “you know what, if you can’t accept me, I’m a proud loser. I’ll own it.”

The same guy that called her a loser, ran into to her on the street one day and was so proud of her for opening her own restaurant. He asked for a job..

Marianna declined.

They deliver to schools, apartments, office buildings and even people in the park. You can put an order in on Facebook and say, “I’m the guy in the blue jacket” and they will come find you in the park.

Beautiful street art is everywhere.

All throughout Roma (my neighborhood) and Condesa (right next door), you’ll find beautiful street art. The two photos below are the bathrooms in Parque Mexico, right next to Parque Espana.


This car is some sort of art installation. It’s about 100ft from our front door. There is a wooden man in the driver seat. The wheels? Also wood. You can spin the crank by the left back tire, if you’re looking for an extra workout.

The Metropolitan Cathedral is massive.

Also known as, Catedral Metropolitana de la Ciudad de México. About a 20 minute drive North East of Roma (my neighborhood), it’s smack in the middle of Mexico City. It’s the times square of Mexico City. Lots of people and high energy. Where we live, it’s pretty calm and quiet. Me Gusta!

What struck me most about the church was the light coming in. Very heavenly.

With the naked eye, you can see small dust particles gently swaying about. But with a decent lens, you see how much is really going on.

A little rooftop Yoga

Publico, our co-workering space has a rooftop. It’s an awesome place for a yoga class to connect back in, feel the city breeze, and try to ignore the jack hammer from the streets below.


See you next week!

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  1. Great blog Ash, looks like you are having a wonderful time and a lot of new Remote friends !


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