On the 14th day, four of us left the city to get high.

52km or about an hour North East of our Mexico City bubble, we arrived at a field full of hot air balloon’s.

Upon arrival, I immediately went camera crazy. There was an almost full moon, and balloons were crossing it’s path with perfect timing.

The ride was about 45 minutes and we reached 2,000 ft. Really that’s 9,447 feet above sea level. We took off at 7,447ft. This was my first time in a hot air balloon, and man was it relaxing. Smooth like butter and floaty like a slow moving cloud.

It wasn’t sunrise, but it was damn early. The Teotihuacan pyramids must have been closed during our balloon ride. Making the experience even more peaceful from above. Everything seemed so still. Here is the sun pyramid. Don’t be deceived, it may look small, but the steps to get to the top are no joke.

Here we have the moon in the foreground, with the sun in the background. Peaceful. Quiet. Empty.

A very well dressed Mexican man staring into the distance from atop the moon pyramid.

Working on my handstands this year. What a place to practice!


Here I’m demonstrating my super powers to the local guides after landing safely..

Now I will say, wearing a cape in public has it’s advantages. Lots of them. What the cape does is transform any average person into a celebrity.

This is the money shot. Aaron, the Indian man in the red hat asked to take a photo with me. Once we took our photo together, I noticed this entire military crew forming behind us. Look at all these superheroes..

I’m off to save that one person on the pyramid…

A vendor was selling these crystal balls. After shooting this unique perspective, I bought one. Stay tuned for more of these shots!

..And one more backflip for good measure.

¡Hasta luego!

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  1. You are the coolest dude ev-ah. <3


  2. Great Balloon Ride photos. Smooth Sailing. A song by Leon Bridges. Listen I thk u wil lik it


  3. You are an utter nutter (Ash, you have to say it with a cockney accent)!! Looks like you are having the time of your life. I think you ought to stay where you are, they all love you!!


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